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Misc marked card video clips 

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Culling & Stacking Poker Hands Demonstration:

Luminous or Juice marked cards can be used by the beginner who simply want to read the backs of marked cards OR by the serious professional who may consider combining sleight of hand with marked cards


Most people use marked cards to see what cards people are holding or to read the backs of cards laying across the table, which is very easy to do because Luminous and Juice marked cards can be effortlessly read from a distance.


Marked cards also allow you to be creative ! Click below for demos of more advanced techniques used to locate (cull) and position cards (stack) to any player using luminous or juiced marked cards (each 4 minute video clip below uses a slightly different variation. Videos were made and copyrighted November 2006):

Culling & Stacking Method #1
Culling & Stacking Method #2

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