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For over 25 years, NU-CONcept manufactures and educates it's customers about the most deceptive methods to mark playing cards.

(NOTE: We are proud to say that we do not resell Chinese filters, lenses or chemicals. Our products are manufactured in the USA. In addition, our lenses are made in FDA (Federal Drug Administration) approved labs to insure the highest level of quality.)

This web site has tons of information to educate you about marked playing cards. You may want to save time reading by clicking on the free audio & video clips:

 Marked Card Research Library - FREE Audio & video

If you prefer to read text, the following pages will contain text:

High level overview of marked card products

Ultra-LuminousRegular LuminousJuiceJuice/N-DustHigh Tech Electronics

Mahjong or PaiGow
Domino or Rummy-O tiles (please inquire via eMail)

NEW - N-Stripper Jig

Most affordable product which does not require lenses is N-Dust / Juice

Most Popular product for professionals is Ultra-Luminous
For 2013high tech marked cardsHigh Tech Electronic improvements

Not sure which technology is best for you ?

Which marked playing cards are best

With NU-CONcept marked card solutions you can:

  • Learn how to make an "ad-hoc" marked deck by secretly marking someone else's playing cards, while they are watching


  • Easily pre-mark your own cards, in the privacy of your home, to make the finest quality marked cards using juice, luminous or high technology solutions in about 1 hour


  • Learn how to re-seal marked playing cards in the original box, so they look new

IMPORTANT: Allow "ActiveX Controls" in your browser to see video clips


When viewed through filtered sunglasses or contact lenses, luminous marks are easily read as if the cards were face up cards on the table. On the other hand, reading Juice marks will take some practice. Regardless if the marked cards used, no sleight of hand is needed when using marked cards.

The video clip below shows how beginners or professionals can easily read marked cards that other people may be holding with no skill/sleight of hand:

Ultra-Luminous technology is available using contact lenses or designer sunglasses

Ultra-Luminous lenses will never change the natural color of your eyes. In addition, Ultra-Luminous is manufactured in the USA in an optical lab which uses FDA rated equipment (not in Asia).


The, new, NU-CONcept Poker Predictor (introduced by NU-CONcept in 2013) is also great for beginners because the hidden camera and computer does the work for you. Please eMail us if you want to see the full 11 minute video clip.


IMPORTANT: Sleight of hand is NOT required when using marked cards. However, in case your interested, the video clips below demonstrate a couple of techniques which are possible when combining marked cards with sleight of hand.


More complex demonstration:

Video clip below shows Jeff (owner of NU-CONcept) combining the use of marked cards with stacking poker hands.



Jeff demonstrating a simplier, more detailed, explanation of marked cards with sleight of hand:


RARE N-Stripper Jig - Only 10 units manufactured

Only for experienced professional or collector

If you do not know what N-Strippers are you will probably not be interested.

Click here for N-Stripper Jig pricing


marked card library research

Click here for FREE access to the

Worlds largest and most factual

Marked Card Research Library

FREE video, audio and text information

(NOTE: The Marked Card Library will pop-up a new browser window, so please allow pop-ups).

NOTE: The original NU-CONcept has been manufacturing & selling marked card solutions for 25+ years. "www.marked-cards.com", is proud to say that we are NOT associated with any other marked card web site with similar "copy-cat" names from China, etc. If you purchased the Chinese luminous or video products, sorry. However, NU-CONcept may be able to help. Please feel free to eMail us to solve your marked card problems.

With NU-CONcept....

Knowledge is power !

To all those who saw NU-CONcept's lecture and live demonstrations at the 2008 WGPC in Las Vegas....

Thank You ! I appreciate all of your kind words !

Click here to see the 2008 World Game Protection Conference Show Guide

The NU-CONcept was invited to lecture to about 400 casino executives and surveillance officers representing casinos from around the world on Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2008 at 10:00 AM

NU-CONcept was invited back to update the marked card lecture at the 2013 World Game Protection Conference

Lecture time is: Wednesday, Feb. 27th, 2013 at 4:00 PM (Hope to see you there !)

UPCOMING DVD contains material from Jeff's marked cards lectures covered at the 2008 & 2013 World Game Protection Conferences (WGPC) PLUS more...

Excelusively published & only available through NU-CONcept

DVD is expected to be released in April 2013

high tech marked cards

FLYER for:

Card marking in the 21st Century DVD

(Evolution to technical Revolution)

Download PDF flyer

low cost marked cards

detect marked cardsluminous marked cards


Legal Notice:

It is illegal and immoral to use these marked cards while gambling in private or casino games

All marked cards should only be used for magic, mentalism, educational purposes, casino protection or "FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY"

(Do not cheat at poker or other game of chance, especially when gambling for money)

marked cards confidentialmade in USAgambling for fun cheating

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"Knowledge is Power" with NU-CONcept marked cards High level Overview of all products How to order & PRICING
Learn how to mark cards HOMEMarked Card LibraryUltra-LuminousRegular LuminousJuiceJuice/N-DustHigh Tech Electronics
WelcomeWhich marked card technology is best for you ?How to detect marked cardsAbout usContact us