Juice Enhancing Sunglasses

makes learning how to see Juice marks easier for beginners


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NU-CONcept revolutionizes marked cards again in 2006:

Make reading Juice marked cards easy !

Works with anyone's Juiced deck !

NU-CONcept exclusive design

Juice Enhancing Sunglasses™ with "built-in" filter


Note: NU-CONcept Juice Enhancing Sunglasses ™ (patented May 2006) are based upon a different scientific principal than NU-CONcept Luminous Enhancing Sunglasses. So, they can not be used interchangeably. Each type of sunglass lens was custom engineered to read their respective marking solutions. (i.e. luminous sunglasses must be used to read luminous marked cards and "optional" Juice Enhancing Sunglasses may be used to make reading juice easier.)


Bear in mind that a major advantage of using a Juiced Deck vs. Luminous marked cards is that you do not require the use of filtered sunglasses. However, like anything in life which is worthwhile, some practice is required to perfect the system. 

NU-CONcept has discovered that there are many people who may want to be able to read Juice cards faster, with less practice. In order to do this, NU-CONcept has developed a pair of gimmicked sunglasses which automatically allows you to read the Juice marks with ease.  

Note: During normal wear, your vision will appear perfectly normal, with no distortion or odd color. The Juice markings become easy to read when you look through the gimmicked part of the sunglasses. Of course, you can continue to use the NU-CONcept Juice Enhancing Sunglasses ™ as an aid, but, they are the perfect learning tool which will train you to read Juice markings without glasses at all.

Your goal should be to read the lightest possible juice marks for maximum deception. When you purchase the NU-CONcept Juice marker, N-Dust or Juice Dust you will receive the NU-CONcept manuscript which provides you with 7 “tips” on how to learn to read Juice marked cards without sunglasses, along with 30 pages of marking pattern ideas and valuable insight. Included with the Juice marker or Juice dust kit is a CD with video clips and 10 USPCC stamp seals to make re-sealing your card cases easy.

NU-CONcept Juice Enhancing Sunglasses ™ advantages: 

  • Did you buy a $60 - $90 pre-marked Juice deck from another company and still can't see the marks ? Assuming the deck you bought was really marked, using NU-CONcept Juice Enhancing Sunglasses ™, you will be able to see the marks much easier.

Note: One of the major reasons I advise that people mark their own cards vs. buying a pre-marked deck, is that they have more flexibility when marking their own cards. In addition, they can start with darker Juice marks and lighten the marks for maximum deception. This gradual training is not possible when you buy a pre-marked deck which was tuned for the person who marked the cards and not you !

  • NU-CONcept Juice Enhancing Sunglasses ™ reduces your learning curve because the sunglasses automatically make the Juice markings stand out. Hence, the juice markings MUCH easier to read with minimal effort. As you become more familiar with reading Juice, you will no longer need the sunglasses to see the marks.

  • You can wear and use the NU-CONcept Juice Enhancing Sunglasses ™  indoors or outdoors

  • Lenses have 100% UV protection, a smoke/grey tint and a flash mirror coating

  • You can wear these sunglasses in front of your audience, while doing your "magic", without detection

  • The gimmick is BUILT INTO the lens and not attached to the lens.

  • Cleaning and maintaining the NU-CONcept Juice Enhancing Sunglasses ™ is the same as any normal pair of sunglasses.

  •  No need to worry about wrinkling, removing or changing the gimmick.

  • No filter can be seen from the front or from behind the lens if you happen to take your sunglasses off and lay them on the table.


NU-CONcept Juice Enhancing Sunglasses ™ disadvantages:

  • Luminous marks on paper based cards will always be easier to read than Juice, even when using Juice Enhancing Sunglasses ™. The sunglasses are manufactured to greatly simplify learning to read Juice or act as an aid for people who don't want to spend the time learning to read Juice.

  • In order to read the juice markings, the playing cards should be at least arms length (2+ feet away) from your eyes while wearing Juice Enhancing Sunglasses ™.


Your choice of 2 style frames


have Juice Enhancing Sunglasses custom manufactured


Note: Juice Enhancing glasses can now be manufactured using your own ophthalmic quality frames (base curve 6) at a professional optical lab. The custom Juice Enhancing glasses are clear CR-39 lenses (Custom Juice Enhancing Sunglasses using YOUR frames will cost $129. If you want the clear lenses made into sunglasses, the cost will be $149.)


Just to make things clear (no pun intended):

If you already know how to read Juiced marked cards, these sunglasses will not improve on what you already are seeing. Hence, you don't need to buy these sunglasses. However, if you are learning to read juice OR don't want to spend too much time learning to read juice marks OR if you can not quickly and easily read juice marks, then the NU-CONcept Juice Enhancing Sunglasses (TM) will make reading Juice marks quicker and easier because the sunglasses act as an aid.

You may also want to consider using NU-CONcept Juice Enhancing Sunglasses (TM) if you bought another company's pre-marked juice deck and are having problems seeing the marks.

To avoid confusion, please be aware of the fact that NU-CONcept Luminous Enhancing Sunglasses (TM) work using a different scientific principal than the Juice Enhancing Sunglasses (TM). The NU-CONcept Luminous Enhancing Sunglasses (TM) WILL make luminous marks clearer than placing any luminous filter behind YOUR sunglasses (even for experienced users of luminous marked cards).

Note: Shipping time during June and July 2006 may take about 10 business days for the Juice Enhancing sunglasses, due to limited production runs. Luminous Enhancing Sunglasses are in stock and will ship immediately.


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"Knowledge is Power" with NU-CONcept marked cards High level Overview of all products How to order & PRICING
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