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NU-CONcept Marked cards - High technology electronics


(The ultimate in "Stealth" marked card technology for the 21st century)

  Video Luminous Poker Predictor Computer
Single or multi-person operation Requires 2 or more people to work the system. At least 1 person in each room. Designed to operate as a single person operation. NU-CONcept enhancements allow for multi-person collusion at the same table.
Camera Position May be hidden over head (in ceiling) or at an angle above the table, etc. Camera may be built into, what appears to be an ordinary object, on the table OR the camera may be body worn to see side edges of the deck of cards.
Camera viewing area Camera may see ALL the cards on the table as long as the backs of the cards are exposed

If cards are stacked and the white borders are marked, the Video Luminous camera may be able to also see the second card from the top assuming the white borders are visible to the camera system.
Depending upon the lens being used, the cards must be within a relatively small area of the table for the edge marks to be read.

A body worn camera has a little more flexablity to see cards on different areas of the table. This is because a body worn camera is easier to casually reposition in order to see the deck of cards.
Lens options Various, interchangeable, zoom lenses are available, including auto iris lenses to adjust for lighting conditions. Hidden camera must be ordered with a fixed length lens. The fixed length lens is what limits the deck of cards location on the table.

Camera lenses can not be changed.
Can you read 1 - 2 loose cards laying on the table ? Yes, as long as you can see the backs of the cards or the white borders, you will be able to see the marks. No, you need at least a small stack of cards or the full deck to read the edge marks on the cards.
Can the system predict the winner before the cards are dealt ? No, the backs or white borders of the cards must be visible for the camera to see the cards from above the table or at an angle.

An, optional, DVR may be used to replay missed reading of cards
Yes, the computer transmit the winning rankings to your hidden earpiece immediately after cards are shuffled and cut and BEFORE they are dealt.
Communication mechanisms Options include earpeice, thumper and other covert methods of communication. Only earpiece (included) or optional external speaker
What does person need to carry to the table ? Depending upon your design, the person at the table may be completely clean OR thay may have covert electronics to assist in secret communications to the person in the back room who is viewing the monitor or TV. The person at the table needs to hide the camera, computer and earpiece. They will not be as clean as a person using Video Luminous technology.

But, the Poker Predictor does have the advantage of being a single person operation.
Initial cost ? eMail "" for details. But, I can tell you that Video Luminous has a lower initial cost than the Poker Predictor Computer system. eMail "" for details.
Ongoing cost per marked deck ? Average cost to mark each deck is about $12.50 for the solution/ink OR about $25 for the daub/dust per deck.

Minimum order is $1,000 for 1 jar of solution/ink OR $1,000 for 1 jar of the daub/dust.
Minimum order is 24 decks of cards.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you allow us to mark real name brand playing cards. (Unless specified, the default back designs will be non-name brand or "knock-off" Chinese playing cards.)
Can you make ad-hoc marked cards ? Yes, use the Video Luminous daub/dust to secretly mark a borrowed deck while people are watching. No, you can not make ad-hoc cards for the Poker Predictor, all cards must be pre-marked. Of course, you can "switch in" the pre-marked decks if they match the cards being used.
Can marks be seen with the naked eyes ? Marks can not be seen by the naked eyes. Cards should be marked to be seen only by the Video Luminous camera. Marks can not be seen by the naked eyes. cards are marked to be seen only by the hidden camera.



1) The main advantage of the Poker Predictor is that it may be used as a single person operation vs. Video Luminous, which requires at least 2 people and a hiden back room with a monitor.TV, etc.

2) Poker predictor will be able to tell you one of the following virtually instantly by scanning a shuffled and cut deck of cards on the table.

  • The computer will communicate to the earpiece who will win the next hand as soon as the cards are shuffled and cut. (For example, if the computer says 2, you will know the second player has the best hand)

  • The computer will communicate to the earpiece who the 1st and 2nd place hands will be. (For example, if the computer says 4, 2. That means that the best hand is player #4 and the second best hand is player #2.

  • The computer will communicate each hands rankings (For example, if the computer says 6, 2, 1, 4, 5, 3 this will be the ranking of each hand from best to worst hand.)

  • The computer may be programmed for several types of poker games OR it may be programmed to tell you each card "One-by-One".

3) Downsides of the Poker Predictor:

  • Please contact NU-CONcept at "" and we will be happy to discuss each product's pros and cons. This will enable you to make the best decision for your work environment.


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Video Luminous Video Luminous marked cards 1Video Luminous marked cards 2

 Poker Predictor Computer Poker predictor analyzer - marked cards

VL vs. PP Comparisons(Video Luminous vs. Poker Predictor Comparisons)

Long Range Earpiece(Verbal communication)

 Thumper(Non-Verbal communication to a partner)


OR eMail "


How to purchase:

Do you want a private demo before you buy ?

(Only serious buyer please !)

While PayPal and Google checkout is accepted for all other NU-CONcept products, NU-CONcept Video-luminous, Poker Predictor and the Photon Ray Table is sold differently. For this quality and type of product, credit card payments are not accepted.

Payment procedures may be arranged directly with NU-CONcept OR private demonstrations can only be done in New York. A private demonstration costs $500 (you also must pay for travel costs). If you purchase the product, the $500 demo fee will be fully applied towards your purchase. However, if you decide not to make a purchase, the $500 fee is NOT refundable.

If you would like a sample Video-Luminous or Poker Predictor marked card mailed to you, simply send $200 which will be applied to the $500 (non-refundable) demo fee. During the live demo or after you purchase the product, you will be able to view this same sample card through the Video-Luminous camera and see the marks "magically" appear.

This type of arrangement is common practice for this type and quality equipment. It also further protects the secret from curiosity seekers. This $500 demo fee is not subject to negotiation. Therefore, NU-CONcept strongly advises that only serious purchasers inquire.

This demonstration option is to allow serious buyers the opportunity to witness the system in action and to make sure that your can read the marks easily.


Only serious customers should eMail NU-CONcept for additional details




Legal Notice:

It is illegal and immoral to use any marked cards while gambling in private or casino games

All marked cards should only be used for magic, mentalism, educational purposes, casino protection or "FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY"

(Do not cheat at poker or other game of chance, especially when gambling for money)

NU-CONcept reserves the right to refund money and/or not sell to people who plan to use it's products for any illegal activity.

Please eMail NU-CONcept for pricing and more details about products on this page

Marked cards pricing


poker cheating questions

Jeff Spiller; 3280 Sunrise Highway, suite 227, Wantagh, NY 11793

NU-CONcept Solutions

"Knowledge is Power" with NU-CONcept marked cards High level Overview of all products How to order & PRICING
Learn how to mark cards HOMEMarked Card LibraryUltra-LuminousRegular LuminousJuiceJuice/N-DustHigh Tech Electronics
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