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Juice and Luminous Marking Pattern Concepts

Read below to find out how tan lines relate to marked cards....

I bet you did not know the meaning behind the tan lines unless you were "in the know"

What are marked card "patterns" ?

When watching the movies or Internet based video clips it is most common to see Juice and Luminous marked cards shown using letters and numbers to represent the value of playing cards.

Beginners tend to prefer letters and numbers because they are easy to read. They are also easy to understand, when demonstrating marked cards on the Internet. However, professionals tend to favor dots, lines or patterns. With NU-CONcept you can make the choice of the marking patterns which are best for you, your cards and your working environment.

Marked cards the way you like them:

If you like letters and numbers, you can use them were appropriate or  you can use the NU-CONcept manuscript, which comes with your order for ideas. The manuscript includes tons of color photographs which you can mix and match to personalize your marked cards. Since others will not know your marking patterns, they will be more difficult to detect.

NOTE: You do not have to memorize 52 patterns. If you think about it, all you need to remember is 13 patterns for each cards value, plus 4 suites. So, you only have a maximum of 17 patterns to can simply stick to letters as numbers when appropriate. Just make up some "flash cards", similar to when you studied for school, and you will be able to memorize 17 patterns in less than an hour. It is not difficult !

Beginner vs. professional marking patterns:

A major reason why professionals tend to avoid using letters and numbers may be demonstrated in the photographs of the women below. The fact that letters and numbers are obvious can increase the risk of exposure and may not as deceptive if a spectator happens to see something unusual about the marked cards.

On the other hand, if the spectator notices unusual dots, lines or patterns which disappear upon close inspection, they will think they saw a shadow. But, if they see a letter, number or suite (ie. "heart") which relates to the face value of the card, then your risk of exposure increases.

Notice how the vertical "Juice" line in video clip below disappears when you focus on the card. Even if someone accidently saw the virtical line, they would not know that it meant anything and it would disappear as they examined the card.


The tan line on the left woman is obviously a "heart". But, the tan line(s) on the other woman (right side) is hard to determine the meaning of. Hard to interpret marking patterns tend to look like shadows and tend to be less likely to be discovered because they do not appear to have any real meaning.

Pre-Marked vs. marking your own cards

Now that you understand some marking pattern basics, you can use letters and numbers OR use simple dots, lines or patterns.

In addition, since you mark your own cards with NU-CONcept solutions or daub/dust, you will have complete control over your mark's intensity and deceptiveness. The tan lines above are obviously too intense to be deceptive. Using the tan line analogy, you do not want your juice marks to me this intense. Customers will find that lighter and more subtle marks will be more deceptive.  (Examples of real Juiced cards may be seen near the bottom of this web page.)

Hopefully, this tan line example proves a point about how combining marking patterns with NU-CONcept marked card solutions or daub/dust will allow you to have the most deceptive marked cards available today.

This flexability of designing your own marked card patterns is not possible if you purchase pre-marked cards. Anyone who buys the same pre-marked cards will know exactly where and what to look for to expose the pre-marked cards.

In addition to being more flexible, marking your own cards is significantly less expensive than buying pre-marked cards and you should be able to mark a deck in about an 1 hour. However, Flash marking patterns will take longer to make.

Juice vs. Luminous:

Depending upon the back design of you cards, you will be able to use one or more of the marking patterns listed in the table below. You should be able to mark a deck of cards in about 1 hour.

Both luminous and juice technology are technically variations of a higher level category of marked cards called "Shade". As the name implies, maximum deception occurs when you "shade" the cards using Juice or Luminous solutions or dust formulas and chemicals.

Juice: If someone knows how to read juice marks, a letter or number may "pop-out" at them intentionally or by accident. However, if you use dots, line or patterns, this person will simply think they saw a shadow and when they look closer to see the mark, it will disappear. Juice is a perfect example of "the closer you look the less you see" because the marks will disappear when the closely examine the cards for marks.

Luminous: Luminous technology is conceptually similar to "Juice", but, it is also very different because luminous marks are only visible to the human eye when the cards are viewed through the correct filtered sunglasses or contact lenses or both. No one can accidently see luminous marks unless they are wearing the correct sunglasses or contact lenses. Luminous marks are also much easier to read than juice because the sunglasses or contact lenses do 99% of the work for you when reading the marks. 

Explanation of different types of marking patterns which may be used to mark cards using Juice of luminous solutions or daub/dust

Features Luminous Juice Flash Tintwork
  Luminous marked card patterns Juice marked card patterns Flash marked card patterns Tint work marked card patterns
Size of marking patterns (large patterns may be read up to 8 feet away; small patterns 2-4 feet distance) Small or large Small or large Small or large Small areas (Usually smaller than a dime)
Filter gimmick & your sunglasses required Yes No No No
What do marks look like? You read actual mark  left by the solution through the filter gimmick (easy to learn to read)

Can write actual card value & suite or geometric patterns, dots or lines

 Click here for a video clip WMV format 7 MB (WMV - Microsoft Media Player) marked card demo

 Click here same video clip as above in AVI format 14 MB (AVI) marked card demo

luminous marked cards

Click here to find out "What  are  luminous shade marked cards ?"


Click here for luminous features and details


With practice you  read the actual mark left by the Juice Solution

(*) See real photo of Juiced card on this page below

While letters or numbers may be used, professionals usually use geometric patterns, dots or lines strategically placed on back of card because they are far more deceptive.

Juice markings are cannot be seen by an untrained eye

Movie clip #1 from the movie "Shade"  Juice from (6.4 MB) (To play movie clip you may need a free copy of the Apple QuickTime Player

Actual (non-simulated) Movie clip #2: Click here for a 10.9 MB WMV (Windows Media Video) clip of a real juiced marked card using NU-CONcept solution

Click here for a detailed definition of Juice AND Juice features and advantages

Flash works the opposite of juice. For example, while juice marks magically appear as a darker "shade"... Flash marks appear as a lighter "shade" when you are trained to read the marks.

Usually Geometric patterns, dots or lines strategically placed on back of card

Exaggerated Flash shown above

With practice you read areas of the card which are NOT Juiced.

The photographs above are exaggerated to illustrate a point of how non-juiced areas of a card will "Flash" out at you. Of course, actual Flash marked cards are not this obvious and will take practice to read.

You  read the actual mark left by the Juice Solution

Does not require as much practice as Juice or Flash marking patterns

Usually a small area of the card is Tinted with a heavier application of Juice

Exaggerated Tint work shown above

Ease to mark cards Easy as writing or drawing Easy as writing or drawing Flash Dust (TM) may be used in a non-traditional way to make VERY deceptive Flash marked cards. (Note: A Marker/Pen applicator is not recommended for "Flash" style markings) Easy as writing or drawing
Ease to read marks (Scale of 1-4 where 1 is easy and 4 takes most practice)  



(Easiest to read; the filter attached to your sunglasses makes the marks pop-out at you as shown in photos)

NU-CONcept provides you with enough filter to gimmick 30 pairs of your sunglasses.

However, if you want easier to read and clearer marks under a wider variety of lighting conditions, you may want to consider using the optional NU-CONcept Luminous Enhancing Sunglasses with "built-in" filter.




2 or 3




Juice is a little more difficult and requires some practice to read (level 3 difficulty) if you use your naked eyes.

Bear in mind that Juice is designed to work without the use of glasses. But, in order to minimize practice NU-CONcept developed Juice Enhancing Sunglasses which makes any Juice marked deck easy to read (Level 2 difficulty).

Juice is always VERY deceptive.

<Click here for NU-CONcept Juice Enhancing Sunglasses (TM) details>







Most deceptive marking patterns. But, it also takes the most practice to learn to read.

(Only intended for the experienced professional)







Easy to read, but, may take a little practice if Tintwork is applied light.

As you gain experience with tintwork, you can graduate to juice marking patterns; because both use the same solution or Juice Dust (TM)





Deceptiveness Very deceptive, but requires filter & sunglasses (you have a choice of gimmicking your own sunglasses or purchasing NU-CONcept Luminous Enhancing Sunglasses with "built-in" filter).

 (Note: Ultra-luminous sunglasses (which are different than NU-CONcept luminous sunglasses) are, by far the most deceptive sunglasses on the market today, but they should only be considered by professionals)

Most deceptive

NO filter or sunglasses

I personally find Flash parking patterns more deceptive than Juice. But, it can take more practice to read

 NO filter or sunglasses

Better than standard "professionally marked cards" (ie. scroll and block-out work) because it cannot be detected using the "riffle test". But, not as deceptive as Juice or Flash

No filter or sunglasses

Color of playing card back design Red works best

Blue backed cards have very limited marking patterns available, even those are generally not practical. Hence, NU-CONcept recommends red backed cards for luminous solutions

(Note: Ultra-luminous (which is different than NU-CONcept luminous)  may be used on blue cards as well as on the white border of cards with practice. Ultra-luminous should only be considered by professionals)

Juice should be ordered to match respective color of deck (red, blue, burgundy, green). An exception is the new N-Dust product which works exceptionally well on most color playing cards

Juice Dust (TM) is very effective when using a borrowed deck. Click here for details.

Generic juice products are not as deceptive, but, I can make it available if you eMail me.

Flash Dust (TM) should be ordered to match respective color of deck (red, blue, burgundy, green).

Specify, if you need to make flash cards when ordering.

Juice should be ordered to match respective color of deck (red, blue, burgundy, green).

If you do not know what color cards you plan on using, NU-CONcept advises using N-Dust.

Juice Dust (TM) is very effective when using a borrowed deck. Click here for details.


This is Hollywood's version of a "Juiced" marked card. Even though Juice marks can not be seen when squinting, the movie does give an idea if what Juiced cards look like.

Movie clip from the movie "Shade"  Juice from (6.4 MB) (To play this movie clip you may need a free copy of the Apple QuickTime Player - (If you enjoy sleight of hand, you may also enjoy the film; the trailer which may be found at - )

(*) NOTE: The table above shows an example of a simulated Juiced "Ace" on a Bee back design playing cards. However, real UNTOUCHED Juice Photos are shown below with a large number "7" written on the back of the card.

Beginners tend to apply extra coats of juice to make the marks darker. Then use fewer coats to make the marks more deceptive and more subtle as they gain experience reading juice marked cards.

If you couple light shades of juice with more deceptive marking patterns than shown below, you will have a VERY potent weapon !

  •  Left card is VERY heavy juice (Nobody would use this number of coats; only good for demo)

  • Second card from left is heavy juice (good for practice)

  • Third card from left is medium juice (good for beginners and intermediate users) - this is deceptive enough for most people

  • Forth card from left is light juice (Good for experienced customers who have trained to read juice using tips provided in instructions)

  • Lighter juice marks cannot be photographed, but experienced professionals can read even lighter shades of juice

(Note: Lines, patterns and/or dots are more deceptive than samples shown below. But, letters and numbers are good for demonstration purposes)

Juiced marks may be made with just a touch of your finger in a strategic location using NU-CONcept patented "Juice Dust (TM)" or better yet "N-DUST (TM)".

With Juice Dust (TM) or N-Dust (TM) there is no need to use your own deck and the cards may be marked while a spectator is watching, without their knowledge.

-OR- you may use the NU-CONcept permanent marker/pen to make even more deceptive marks, in private, using your own deck



Detailed tips and practice techniques to read juice is included with each juice or Juice Dust (TM) order !

If you can't see these juice markings, please feel free to eMail me with questions.

IMPORTANT: If you do not want to practice reading Juice marks. Then Luminous marked cards using sunglasses or contact lenses may be the best for you because the filters do most of the work for you !

To learn more about Juice please click here: Juice, daub and N-Dust

To learn about Ultra-Luminous or regular Luminous please click here: Ultra-Luminous or Regular Luminous

IMPORTANT: The regular Luminous solution only works well when applied to the red printed areas of red backed, paper, playing cards. However, Ultra-Luminous works on almost all color cards (red, blue, etc.) and works well on most plastic or paper playing cards. Ultra-Luminous may also be used on the white borders of cards, if necessary or desired.



(It is illegal and immoral to use these marked cards while gambling in private or casino games)

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